New Pagan Facebook Group: Open Wiccan Magick Study Group.

Hi guys, I got the idea to use facebook to create a Study Group on Wicca and Magick.

That’s the group presentation. It’s oriented mainly on Wicca, but any person is welcome, so pls come in and share 🙂


Merry meet Everyody )O(

This project is about a Study Group that uses internet technology to create a group that focus on Paganism, Wicca in particular, but open to any person that is curious or has exoterical, mystical or spiritual interests, and could help likeminded people to stay in touch and be able to know other Pagans/Druids/Exoterists or similarily intersted persons, that could be hard to find sometimes where we live.

The start is this facebook group, but the community is not limied to it. As things go on, we may want to use other technological channels.

The group works into empowerment, spiritual and esoterical personal growth, creativity, wisdom and personal freedom.

Every person is invited to bing their skills and share their knowldge with the rest of the group, and learn what they like from other memebers, and to post any activity or information they like.

The atmoshpere that we would like to have is relaxed, with no hidden agendas, collaborative and supportive.

We could connect trough a forum, a website, any social network, videoconference programs, second life, or possibly multiple medias to be able to use technology to help us meet around the world and create usefull activities.

As things go on, we’ll surely record our experiences here and in the internet so people can benefit from our activities, knowledge and ideas.

Hope you will like and support this project, and the community could grow sane and nice.

Blessed Be you all )O(

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